Conceptual Design and Development

Amiri Business Solutions is dedicated to the efficient manifestation of our clients’ ideas. Our experience and expertise give us the ability to walk clients through the complete project life cycle by providing the tools necessary to make applicable solutions out of intangible concepts.

Full Business Process Lifecycle Management

Without proper application, diligence, and concentration, a concept will remain a concept. Amiri Business Solutions’ full business process lifecycle management (FBPLM) system bridges the gap between concept and finished product by allowing organizations to clearly understand the way their business processes relate to the information systems that implement them.

Information Technology Architecture

The alignment of Business and IT is a critical objective for all competitive businesses. However, an IT solution is useless without a strong and aligned IT architecture. In other words, it is imperative that flexible technology systems be aligned to business objectives. This can only happen if the underlying technology is designed and implemented correctly for your organization.

Amiri Business Solutions enable you to do just that. We effectively partner with our clients and deliver cost and performance effective designs and implementations that provide measurable business value.